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. thanks for being with us tonight. >> glenn: hello, america. tonight we'll take on the economy. we have done our homework, our research. a lot of over the last year. tonight i just want to focus on the economy. i'm going to close the case on what is -- what barack obama has said is the fundamental transformation of our country. i believe it's the destruction of our monetary system. we've got a lot of work to do, so buckle up. here we go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i brought my tv in from my childhood because i want to show you old clips tonight. tonight, i'm going to give you a hard concept to get your arms around. this one is difficult. this is what i think stops us from advancing any argument. this is a concept where you have to come to believe that there are people in this country who want to intentionally collapse our economic system. how could any american in any party, anybody who disagree with want to collapse and do something like that? well, those involved sleep fine at night, because they tell themselves that they are not collapsing, they are just fundamentally transfor
>> glenn: hello, america. yesterday, we covered all of this. we got so much more tonight. but i want to start here. do you see that chris dodd is retiring? really. i'm from connecticut. chris dodd that i know who has been in congress for over three decades. more powerful than most members in the senate. iconic democrat. he just ran for president. and now we're to believe that he's had enough of politics. oh, how very george washington of you, chris dodd. giving up that power. really? tonight, what's really behind this and what is to come. also, we're going to an spend good deal of time tonight on things that the politicians tell you, that the american people won't understand, or that the american people will freak out and they can't handle the truth. well, not only do i think you can understand it, i think you can hand the truth. but i also believe you're entitled to the truth. tonight, you're going to get it! the phone hasn't rung all week. the phone hasn't rung all year. the phone didn't ring last year either. and it still works. hello, america. how are you? if our politicians
writes america cannot and will not win. there is no rolling back of the world wide jihad movement. when this new front of jihad starts in yemen, it might become the single most important front of jihad in the world. his web site and blog will be monitored by the u.s. intelligence community. >> a month later, we have the warning from the suspect's own father. >> that's correct. in november, his father went to the u.s. embassy in nigeria after a phone call from his son in which the 23-year-old claimed it would be their last conversation. the father met with a c.i.a. officer and told him that his son was missing and had extremist views. this information was the basis of a state department cable also obtained by fox. it reads in part, information at post suggests subject may be involved with yemeni based extremists. he has traveled previously to u.k. and dubai uae. there were intercepts that spoke of a plot of the nigerian, but not more specific. >> didn't we create a whole new agency after the attacks on 9-11 specifically put together to connect these kinds of dots that clearly didn't get
for you. >> america, there you are. looking live at the smoke-filled back room where house and senate democrats will conspire to ramp through their health care reform package away from the prying eyes of you, the american people. now this, is the top-secret room inside of the us capitol. the final negotiations take place. in a stun break from tradition democratic leaders will reportedly for go formal public conference process to merge the bills. instead, secret deliberations will likely be held behind those closed doors, and that brings us to our headline tonight. democracy in hiding. the scheme developed by house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader harry reed drawing heavy fire from republican who's will be locked out of these deliberations. and now, not only is this breaking traditions, democrats like president obama, well, he's breaking a promise, remember when the anointed one said this about health care negotiations during his presidential debate? do you remember this? >> not negotiating behind closed doors but bringing all parties together and broadcasting those nego
grew less than forecast. [ baby crying ] that's america's most important industry, for heaven's sake. we got data from the employment service showing jobs still aren't coming back. no doubt a prelude to the all-important, hey i be the cliche king, employment report that could truly stink up the joint. the fed in its cryptic minutes -- >> they know nothing! >> said the economy in 2010 will be subdued. a total bummer from uncle ben. smartphone doesn't seem so smart after all. dumbkopf phone. like a rotten granny smith. these are the two important stocks out there and could sink a battleship when they go negative. looked like we would get mauled this morning. i sensed it. the bear was back. the market -- instead, i thought i see a slaughterhouse coming. if not slaughterhouse, maybe "slaughterhouse a." not this time. we're way overbought meaning there's been way too much buying, not enough selling, driving stocks up too far too fast. i consider it a greed indicator. i monitored this one like a hawk and the markets overbought. vulnerable to the kind of ugly national news and bad stock beh
here, it's not in my backyard type thing, it's i don't want these terrorists here anywhere in america and neither do the majority of the american people and to disdwight this or to say it's a jobs program is ridiculous. >> joe, what do you say to people who say, gitmo, as long as it exists, it's making the lives to become terrorists even longer. ice a bad poster for what america stands for. what's your answer to that? >> my answer to that is that where better than gitmo to put these terrorists? and to bring them to the united states is ridiculous. gitmo, the people there are trained to handle these situations. i talk to a gold star mother who visited gitmo. that plays is a professional, state of the art facility, and they are trained to deal with these terrorists, and that's where they belong. to bring them out to thompson, illinois, or to nips in america and have us learn how to do it, is ridiculous and it's -- go ahead. >> i was just going to say, are you going to go to the hearing today? can the average constituent in the state of illinois make any difference today by showing up at
." >> this is "bbc world news." we will make amends -- promise from one of america's security chiefs. president obama pins the blame on u.s. intelligence for the failed christmas day bombing. >> when a suspected terrorist is able to board a plane with explosives on christmas day, the system has failed in a potentially disastrous way. >> a battlon the high seas -- activists say their high-tech boat is broken in half by a japanese whaling vessel. pregnant personals -- prisoners the shackled while giving birth. standard practice in the u.s. but is it time to change? house know is bringing much of the u.k. to a total halt -- how snow is bringing much of the u.k. to a total halt. it is midday in london, it o'clock p.m. in tokyo and 7:00 a.m. in washington where intelligent chiefs will this morning begin to make amends after stinging criticism from president obama that they failed to stop last month's attempted to bomb an american airliner. the director of national intelligence dennis blair says the intelligence community had to boost efforts to prevent new mr. obama had earlier told senior officials that
america stands. how the u.s. military is redefining modern warfare by using new high-tech tactics. >> i don't know how close to the real thing that was, but it was very, very convincing. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. we're beginning tonight with late-breaking news and the latest example of just how on edge everyone is since that failed attempt to blow up a jetliner on christmas day. a hawaiian airlines 767 was flying from oregon to hawaii this afternoon when a passenger refused to store his carry-on and made threatening remarks. the captain declared an emergency. the military scrambled two f-15s and the plane returned to portland where it landed safely. law enforcement boarded and took the passenger into custody for questioning. meanwhile, the terrorist who allegedly tried to blow up that northwest airlines plane out of the sky on christmas day is now facing the most serious charges possible. in detroit today, a federal grand jury indicted umar farouk abdulmut
on the at-home meth labs wreaking havoc across america, and one false move could be deadly. >>> plus, kiss and tell. the hair, the makeup. gene simmons' tongue. we go on the town with kiss to see how this decades-old rock and roll machine has become a gold mine. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news with terry moran, martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden in new york city, this is "nightline," january 5th, 2010. >> good evening. president obama admitted today that the u.s. government had more than enough information to have prevented the failed christmas day bomber from even boarding an aircraft. he said the failure of allhe agencies to share information was not acceptable and that we have to do better. in addition to listing further steps for improving the safety of air travel, he also put a hold on returning guantanamo bay detainees to the country where the suspect received his training. our senior foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz has spent the last four days in yemen, reporting from what may be the new front line in the war on terror. >> reporter: we landed in sana
jaw-dropping fios tv, america's highest rated internet, and unlimited nationwide calling for just $99.99 a month. plus a special double bonus: $150 back plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. don't wait. offer ends january 16th. call 1.866.699.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. this is fios. this is big. >> baltimore county school superintendent says he will review his much publicized student progress reports. >> teachers are apparently still a bit confused. the 11 news education reporter joins us live in the newsroom. >> this has become a very hot issue because teachers say the program will add nouns of new paperwork. the progress reporting method is under review. >> we did not have a directive yet. they don't have to do it until -- there are still creatures -- teachers scrambling to do this by february 11. >> they want to streamline the program. >> the imagination can run wild because there is lack of clarity and information. >> miscommunication or allusion was not there on the part of the teachers. it was in black and white for us
ahead of them and protect america. president obama didn't say if anyone would be held accountable for the mishap and the white house says he continues to stand by his top official. still, some experts say that may change. >> there could be some other officials there from the national counterterrorism center, maybe some of the second tier cia officials or fbi who could be in jeopardy of losing their jobs. we may not have heard the end of all this. >> reporter: for now officials are focused on keeping the nation safe. president obama has already ordered enhanced security procedures and changes to the terrorist watch list and no-fly list and he promises even more new measures are on the way. the preliminary report on the christmas day incident is expected to be made public by the end of the week. michelle? >> whit, the president also spoke of his plans to close the prison at guantanamo bay. tell us the details on that. >> reporter: well, if you think about it, half of the detainees at guantanamo bay are actually from yemen. the president at least temporarily has suspended the transfe
in america. yes, we speak car. and apparently, quite well. fusion is now motor trend's 2010 car of the year. get in... and drive one. >>> families of fallen u.s. service members will now have a place to go and their grieving process. the center for families of the fallen was dedicated at gilbert air force base today. the center will provide counseling for those families before and after the bodies of their loved ones iraq. >> lockheed martin plans to cut jobs. they're based in bethesda. there is no word on where the layoffs will come from. >> at least six deaths are associated with the winter weather. florida farmers are worried about huge losses in tomato, strawberry, and citrus crops. in the carolinas, the freezing rain froze this fountain. >> if the orange is covered down and florida, it is insulated and it will not get below freezing. >> a little mitten for the orange. >> ptty much. >> we sell, there was no rigid way south, -- way south, there was no yesterday. >>> 30 degrees in bethesda. the winds are a bit lighter right now. a lht breeze out in clarke county. 33 in prince frederick co
>>> making news in america this morning. >> arctic invasion. dangerous cold setting records in the north. windchills of negative 50. in the south a fifth freezing morning for florida. it may only get worse. >>> party shake-up. big changes are coming in the democratic party as more high-profile retirements are announced overnight. >>> phone wars. can google's new gadget take on apple's iphone? >> it's wednesday, january 6th, to 2010. >>> go >>> good morning and thanks for being with us. well, there is no letup to winter's grip on much of the country this morning, 32 states are under some sort of winter weather watch or warning right now. >> and that stretches from montana to miami. take a look at some of these overnight temperatures. negative 1 in minneapolis. 19 in tallahassee, which is colder than new york or washington. and it's a chilly 41 in south florida. >> viviana hurtado has more on the longest cold snap in a generation. >> reporter: snow, snow and more snow combined with windchill temps in the negative number, it's one of the most severe arctic blasts to wallop the
>>> good morning, america, on this wednesday, january 6th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. >>> we have breaking news overnight. two key senate democrats heading for the exits including connecticut's chris dodd. will twe be a republican year? >> frozen nation. this is a temperature right now in the midwest as the deadly cold snap shows no sign of letting up. 32 states now under a winter weather watch. we're live across the country with your frigid forecast. >>> death of an heiress. as police search for answers in the death of 30-year-old casey johnson, some wonder if her parents did the right thing cutting her off during a long struggle with drugs and alcohol. >>> and the search for baby gabriel. caught up in a heated custody battle, it is now a triangle. three sets of parents, so many lives but where is the baby? the police and his father want answers this morning. >>> as always so much to get to this morning including the breaking news out of the senate. a lot are talking about how cold it is. okay. well, this arctic blast now the lo longest, largest cold f
overall goal goals waes move towards future energy independence in america and sustainability. first i'd like to talk a little bit about our power and energy initiative at the university of pittsburgh. our initiative is built around three main goals. the first is to educate the next generation of power and energy engineering professionals. these are students in the classroom right now today who i can tell you want to come out and change the world. and the energy sector with all the challenges that we have, the fact it is a defining issue in the decades to come of this century provides them many opportunities that they are getting very excited around. this provides us a a unique opportunity to help with workforce development and we'll talk a little more about in a few minutes. we're also contributing to advanced research initiatives in the power and energy sector. our program is uniquely built around electric power engineering, nuclear engineering, mining engineering and even petroleum. uniquely we're positioned in such a broad energy space to bring comprehensive solutions to different
vice president very, very significant. must be stopped. >> being heard by america's enemies, by terrorists you think in a way that's dangerous to the country. if the obama administration shares your view and wants to stop president cheney from doing that, it's not like they have a lot of options. president cheney doesn't seem to be hearing calls to conscience on this. >> he doesn't but president obama said he believes in talking to our enemies abroad. he ran on that. he should also talk to his enemies at home. and i think that he needs to have a session with the former vice president, perhaps bring in bob gates and some others and tell him that he is not enhancing the national security of the united states with his comments. >> i can't imagine how excited dick cheney would k to get that invitation, but maybe it would be the only way to try to make some progress there. jonathan alter "newsweek" columnist, msnbc analyst. >>> later we have an air security story coming up that will both scare you and amuse you. we had to double-check to make sure it was not written by the onion.
of attacks and improve our ability to stay ahead of them and protect america. we can and we must outthink, outwork and defeat the enemy's new ideas. the intelligence committee will do that working closely with our nation's entire national security team. the statement today from the director of national intelligence. we got, he says. during president obama's speech today, the president announced that some changes would be coming, as a result of the failure to detect the christmas day attempt. >> counter terrorism officials have reviewed and updated our terrorist watch list system, including adding more individuals to the no-fly list. while our review has found that our watch listing system is not broken, the failure to add abdulmutallab to the no fly list shows this system needs to be strengths. >> what proceeded president obama's announcement today was a full week and a half of mostly unrebutted republican attacks on the obama administration's approach to the issue of terrorism. >> worldwide terrorist war is something we seem to have lost our focus on. >> this seems to be a little recei r
and shows innovation is alive and well in america. and that's pro-growth. the mini boom continues with strong factory orderses and improving car sales. but pending home sales were soft and we're going to debate the disastrous $75 billion home loan modification plan. where did all that money go? plus, free market populism is on the rise. the new-new deal is dead. remember ronald reagan said we the people, president obama said we the government planners. robert reich will debate the weekly standards. matt con nettie. but the government health care takeover will hose rich people. it might also sink the demes in thehmidterm election. and a top senate democrat is retiring. you uh-huh. we'll have the details. and finally the kudlow hotline, i'll take your calls on everything. fasten your seatbelts, the kudlow report begins right now. good evening, i'm larry kudlow. welcome back to the kudlow report where we believe free market capitalism is still the best path to prosperity. tonight, people's money -- sorry. people's money politics message. the lead economic story is google's nexus one
the military approaches war. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> san diego police are looking for two mench accused of beating a man with a skateboard at a train station. they pushed the man onto the tracks and began pummeling him. one suspect struck the man repeatedly with a skateboard. police are still looking for the attackers but also a motive. >>> a 600-pound leather backed turtle came ashore. the large turtles are normally in south america this time of year. wildlife experts suspected something may be wrong. they estimated him to be 40 years old and he was found to have a lacerated fin and taken in for rehabilitation. >>> if you want to know just how cold it is in miami. just take a look at the animals. workers at miami metro zoo found chimpanzees fashioning blankets out of burlap sacks. they had a reason to bundle up. temperatures in the 70s last year. this year they've been as low as the 40s. can't blame them. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast
alth of america's banks. the banks are raing an inordinate amount of capal throughout 28 and 2009. so they're beer positioned. some of the sma banks won't make it d some of the larger nks will continue to have to sell assets to support themsees. >> grib: a lot of the big banks have paid back the money in the bailout mon. is it fair to y that they're healthy again? >> i would say they'reealthier cause of the government intervention and the cnge in accounti rules. but homerices are worth a lot less than banks are rrying them on eir balance sheets and real estatis worth a lot less in the actual markets than the banks are carrng on the bance sheet. you can't say this one i healthy, this one is not healthy. >> ghab: so when the banks startreporting the quarterly results where arthe revenues coming from >> that's a very od question because the banks make money o the loan books andhe loan books ve been declini because theyaven't been lending. from aee perspective, you know and have cover very well the gulatory environment makes i much more difficult r the banks to crge es on the produc they
will make him the second highest- paid coach in america. it will save the denver broncos on the money they owe him for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. mike shanahan. the redskins' new head coach. more coming up later in sports, but this contract is now a done deal. he is recognized to be and organize, fundamentally sound coach. the redskins are lucky to have him. >> it will get tongs to wagging in a few hours. >>> use of his arrival in washington has the fans buzzing over the team's future. >> a lot of people are ready for a change. others are skeptical he can make a difference. our team coverage is in show clinton with reaction. >> this last season that was definitely difficult for redskins fans, watching a loss after loss after loss. now word that mike shanahan has worked out a deal with the team has many fault -- a hopeful that this off season will be one of change. and on the low billiards -- bungalow billiards, fans are feeling optimistic. >> she has the experience. >> is sure to be an off season full of shakeups with bruce allen as the manager. now mike shanahan is stepping in as hea
america whether this passes or not, who will suffer because of the arrogance of this administration and the arrogance of the leadership in congress which is saying you are too stupid, too unimportant, you are not part of this process we are going if get it done, like it or not. >> greta: in november okay, people go out and vote and they can vote him out of office. bottom line we will have this health care law and we don't noah it is, whether there is a public option, no public option. we can punish people later but the problem is once it goes into effect if we have no input as it happens, then it is profoundly, you know a terrible thing to inflict upon the american people. >> exactly. there will be special provisions put in. >> greta: let's see it. >> harry reid, he has to put junk in there. >> greta: so be it, let us see it! >> i know i'm not defending him. i'm saying this is why they ought to be more transparent. the american people are going to take whatever is in there and assume it is worse. this bill has got -- it's bad. let's face it. it doesn't do any of the things that it s
is picking up. in main street america people feel like their lives are not on the right track. the 401(k)s are worth 30% and 40% less than they were. they don't know what their kids' futures are like. the incumbents are not getting it done. this is not a democratic problem. it is incumbent. >> let's take a look at dodd. here he is, surprised me when i read the paper this morning. here is chris dodd explaining his departure from the big time. >> over the past 12 months i have managed four major pieces of legislation through the united states congress, served as chair and acting chair of two major senate committees placing me at the center of the two most important issues of our time, health care and reform of financial services. i lost a beloved sister in july and in august ted kennedy. i battled cancer over the summer and in the midst of all of this, found myself in the toughest political shape of my career. >> you know, todd harris, it is a weird, strange world when a guy like chris dodd has to leave politics because of poll numbers and someone on your side of the aisle named david vitt
fiscal sponsibility and addressing y economic challenges facing america's future and additional fding is providedy the following pporters -- >>> gooevening. welcome to "worldfocus." i'm daljit dhaliwal in new york. we begin tonight with a key issue of intelligence gathering in afghanistan one weekfter a scide bomber and informant tned killer blew himsel up, kiing seven cia officers d his jordanian handle order a remote base in easterafghanistan. it was a costly a damang intelligence failure. there is a much broader inteigence problem. cording to a new report by the highest ranking military telligence officer in afghanistan. american major general chael flynn says th there is too chemphasis on collecting information aime at capturing and killing insurgents, d not enoughn gathering basic informion. flynnays american ielligence officials in afghanista are ignorant of local economi and land wners, hazy about o the por brokers are, and how they might be fluenced. and disengaged when people in th bestosition to find answers. information like this, hesays, admittedly offers few clues about w
, no, good night, america. >>> welcome to "red eye." it is on the waterfront. if by front you mean bed. let's go to andy for a free report. >> thanks. coming up on tonight's awesome show, a video from mpr helps you speak tee back. and was a man attacked and flea to a panic room while leaving his 5-year-old daughter. we report and you de vive. and was beyonce paid $2 million to perform five songs at a private new year's eve party thrown by khadafi's son? if you like it, then you should have put a ring on it which makes no sense. >> no, it doesn't, an dee. thank you. >> the a-1 sauce is known to blow time off course. even if i road around the world on a blind horse, i would get my point across. >> when i am called off, i have to saw it off. squeeze the triger and bodies are hauled off. you are straight out of compton. >> that's the new jersey i believe. let's welcome our guest. she is the sexiest wench and she knows deliberation like i know inebriation. i have a problem and i am not scared to say it. he is the classic coke of all things joke. joe devito is funnier than a clown who had to
, and how to fix the problem. >>> on ice, bitter cold across america. the problem is record lows in places where people thought they could escape winter. >>> women's health. what you need to know. in our series tonight, all these years later, is the prognosis better for one particular silent killer? >>> and another dimension. is there a deeper meaning embedded in the 3-d movie "avatar?" "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. he didn't succeed, thankfully, but the fact a suicide bomber came so close to blowing a commercial jet out of the sky on christmas day over detroit has mobilized the federal government. it was why during another jittery day for air travel in this country, the president back from vacation, called his senior national security staff togeer today for a meeting, after which he said, the problem isn't collecting the intelligence, it's connecting the intelligence all together. he said the u.s. knew enough to stop this, but apparently what we have here is a failure to communicate. we have it all covered tonight beginning with
sense of humor about it. stay tuned for "good morning america." >> check out our website at >>> just moments away, mike shanahan is the next head coach of the washington redskins. we will hear what fans have to say. >> a developing story from capitol hill. chris dodd will not run for reelection. >> the bitter cold blast is here to stay. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. we start today with a quick school play. garrett county public schools will be opening two hours late. >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. it is getting worse. >> the next couple of days, the wind will be less intense. we have that going for us. we have a chance of some snow late thursday into friday. another arctic blast were temperatures may not get out of the 20's on saturday. we will call for off and on flurries, limited sunshine. upper 20's.
ago. >> the average -- adult in america is about 2000 calories and that has to be matched off against exercise and that's a good way to approach it whereas dr. jacobson said there are certain ver bothen products you shouldn't eat call. >> no -- at all. >> no, i didn't say that. you can have a take -- >> can you have a hamburger. >> yeah. >> doesn't it have transfat by reason of its own content. >> it's the saturated fat in the hamburger is the problem. >> it's not what you can cook it in, canola oil but still -- >> hamburgers are broiled, but it's the sat rated fat in the hamburgers. >> a certain amount of saturated fat is ok, you will allow, for a hamburger what once a week? >> depends on your diet. the problem is -- if i say eat a hamburger once a week, people will say ok, i'll have a hamburger once a week, fried eggs in the morning, a whopper. >> what's a wpper. >> a cheeseburger at lunch. >> one or two hamburgers in a bun with cheese. >> yeah. a pizza. >> that is simple, on its face, it's suicidal, is it not? >> you can have one. the problem is americans don't just eat one. they h
in america and the made in america label or brand is important to them. so if it's made in an american factory that matters to them. >> michelle, are you saying that even though you see gm and chrysler go into bankruptcy, they took government money, write them off. you believe gen y is willing to give them another chance. >> that wouldn't influence their buying decisions. >> michelle collins joining us first here on cnbc into an exclusive look as to what the gen y auto buyer is looking for. melissa and larry, there's an old adage in the auto business that you don't want to sell these young people out and say they're too young to buy a car. you've got to hook them as early as possible and that's the key group you want to sell. that's a great point. >> thanks for that, phil. coming up next, the predictions about the market in 2009, 11 came through. bob doll is up next to tell us what is in store for 2010. >> arnold schwarzenegger out there in california. that's coming this afternoon and we'll discuss what's ahead for the troubled west coast economy with gubernatorial candidate steve pois
the message that america is not just wanting to hear but the policies that have been backed up that message. so as -- the spokesperson for the president just noted over the next 11 months, the political theater, the -- the shakes pier an aspects of the election cycle are going to get played out. the republican party, however, will be engaged as we were in new jersey and in virginia to make sure our candidates are well prepared to address the concerns of the american people. >> you wrote a whole book about -- 12-step program for overcoming the obama administration now. yes, you told shon hannity last week if i have this quote right, when asked about whether you can retake the house, you told him that you are not sure they can take back the house. you raised the question if your party is ready for it. why so negative? >> no. you know, yes, i am part chair leader but i'm also part pragmatist and certainly honest. and the goal is, i wasn't trying to be negative. i was trying to be very, very positive ask honest in saying we are still building up the process. woe still have races where we have c
show, but a national tour sponsored by the u.s. government to get america ready for the 2010 census. >> it will have enormous impact on communities and people all across america. >> reporter: commerce secretary gary locke heads up the agency that's supposed to count every single person in the country. >> it's the responsibility of every person living in america, whether they're a voter or not, whether they're registered as a voter or not, or even whether or not they're a natural u.s. citizen. >> reporter: the government is spending more than $340 million, including a massive ad campaign in 28 languages to get people to fill out this census form. at stake? power and money. congressional seats are doled out depending on a state's population, and so is $400 billion in federal spending. >> if you want your fair share, be counted, because this is money for schools, human services, for medical services as well as for transportation. >> reporter: things got so contentious during the 2000 count that utah sued the census bureau. >> in the end, we were 849 short of that census seat. >> since
of bin laden. what you need to know about the new face of terror in america. and then we have this for you, a couple guys goofing around on a train platform, one of them falls onto the tracks. his friends desperately -- there you see him going down onto the tracks, trying to get him before the train pulls away. this whole drama is next. trace: back live in the newsroom, it's the bottom of the hour. we are brand new information, now, on three big stories. new information on the homicide bomber who killed seven cia agents in afghanistan. katherine herd with the latest on that. >> we're learning more about the alleged bomber from his writings on the internet from the wed magazine that suicide attacks are justified because of the west, he says, and support of attacks in pakistan. the man who identifies himself as the father of two young girls claims there is no higher call canning than to die for his religion. this interview is cleary for propaganda -- clearly for prop propaganda purposes. i'll have more about that investigation at the top of the hour, trace. trace: katherine, tha
that the squeaky wheel usually does get the oil and maybe bank of america will not want to drag this to court and will just, you know, shut you up and comply, if it does go to court, is unfair a legal argument on your part? >> well, you know, there's a lot of legal arguments and certainly b of a is prepared for litigation of this nature. at the end of the day, the legal system is composed of people, judges, juries, and if they don't have a good enough explanation, there's always a legal avenue to find a way to seek justice. >> do you think maybe you're being idealistic? >> i would hate to think i'm ever being anything but. >> that's a great answer. but you understand that there are possible likely consequences. if you don't pay your bills, this will affect your credit, legal expenses although you'll probably represent yourself, will it be worth all of the risks? >> i represent consumers regularly and i'm used to fighting underdog cases. it's part of my job. this is really not a big deal in terms of taking an underdog case. >> all right. ben pavone, good luck. keep us posted. >> thanks a lot.
facilities there are targeted. it's the presence for america and with al-qaeda very much present in the country, it's an area of great sensitivity. bill: it's a breaking news story in "america's newsroom". when you get more, come on back, we'll dial you up again. thanks. patti ann: good news on yemen but not in washington. president obama giving his national security team a tongue lashing over the christmas day bombing attempt on a passenger jet. the white house took the very unusual step yesterday of releasing comments the president made inside the situation room. the president telling his team, quote, this was a screw-up that could have been disastrous. we dodged a bullet but just barely. it was averted by brave individuals, not because the system worked, and that is not acceptable. while there will be a tendency for finger pointing i will not tolerate it. so where does the administration go from here? joining us now is bob newman, counterterrorism consultant and senior fellow in homeland security studies at the rocky mountain foundation. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasur
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. the simple answer is that america cannot and will not win, he writes. the tables have turned and there is no rolling back of the worldwide jihad movement. when the new front of jihad starts in yemen, it might become the single most important front of jihad in the world. al-awlaki is linked to the fort hood shooting in november which killed 13. he testifies spiritual advisor to the alleged shooter hasan. and al-awlaki's blog was being monitored by the u.s. intelligence community. thus, abdulmutallab's father went to the u.s. embassy in nigeria after a phone call from his son where sources say the 23-year-old claimed it would be their last conversation. the father met with the c.i.a. officer and that meeting was the basis of a state department cable also obtained by fox. information at post suggests subject may be involved with the extremist. abdulmutallab traveled previously to u.k., lome togo and dubai, uae. in august long before boarding flight 253, there were telephone intercepts that spoke of a plot involving the "nigerian" but it was not more specific. we now know that ab
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asia and latin america. but, hold it is a picture a good deal better than we expected. why is that the case? uri has already alluded to some of the reasons. going back one year" we all did was to underestimate the debt of contraction of the global economy the materialized in the fourth quarter of 2008. we were all puzzled by the deep fault and attributed it to the fear global depression. so, to confidence factors which are very hard to gauge correctly. we have had a very strong policy response to this fear. exceptional monetary measures with interest rates cut close to zero in many advanced become is with unconventional support for banks made available. we see this as a stimulus deployed. we also see recapitalization of banks and guarantees to get the financial sector running again. this has changed fundamentals on the ground, but also confidence. it is very difficult to forecast confidence. this recovery is off to abuttera better start than expee year ago. >> we're doing well on time. the second question, do you expect the recovery to continue in 2010, and if so do expecte
it to what kills people in america it is very low on the list. >> bill: well, that is interesting. but the horror of flying on a plane and having a bomb by some guy is, you know, worse than the horror of cancer, i think. >> and that helps the terrorists win. >> bill: what i was trying to get the question to mr. hooper is that you use profiling in conjunction with the other common sense things like the airline of israel. and for you to just object to it because you don't want arabs or muslims pulled over is insane because all of the terrorism is being generated by that crew. >> who ho how do you know who a muslim? >> bill: you can see the passport. if i'm a marshall or in the airport and i see you walk in i'm going to take an interest in you or somebody younger than you. and find out okay, where is this guy from. if i see an 85-year-old woman walk in i don't care. >> fine. but that is lookism not based on religion. you don't know their religion. >> bill: you can't know they are muslim unless they put the prayer rug out and face mekka then that is a crew. if they have been to yemen
qaeda's offshoot in yemen was preparing some nigerian man for an attack on america. the president emerged from today's meeting not happy. early this evening, mr. obama declared flatly the system had failed. he said the u.s. had all the intelligence it needed to prevent um or abdulmutallab from getting on a jet into this country. but it was not passed on and leveraged. that is not acceptable and will not be tolerated during the closed door meeting according to the white house, mr. obama went further and said, "this was a screwup that could have been disastrous, we dodged a bullet, but just barely. it was averted by brave individuals, not because the system worked. and that is not acceptable. while there will be a tendency for finger pointing, i will not tolerate it." he was briefed by fbi director robert mueller on the bombing attempt investigation, briefed by attorney general eric holder on the prosecution expected to begin this month, briefed by homeland security secretary napolitano on the review of airport screening measures and counterterrorism robert brennan on the review of
football looks with fios. but you've got to call today. get jaw-dropping fios tv, america's highest rated internet, and unlimited nationwide calling for just $99.99 a month. plus a special double bonus: $150 back plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. don't wait. offer ends january 16th. call 1.866.699.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. this is fios. this is big. >> now your instaweather plus forecast. >> we have one system with a bit of snow, temperatures freezing behind that. a clearing trend expected overnight tonight. no weather problems tonight, just cold to contend with with the breeze coming out of the northwest at 6-12 miles an hour. a storm watch has been posted for the mountains again, we will get some of that fast-moving area of low pressure coming to the midwest this evening. it will be coming from west to east. and much drier storm, coming out of the gulf of mexico. this one clipping along tomorrow. expected to come through tomorrow night. later tomorrow night, a period of snow lenders and the friday morning rush-hour. that
officials knew al qaeda's offshoot in yemen was preparing a nigerian man for an attack on america. early this evening, mr. obama declared flatly the system had failed. the u.s. had all the intelligence it needed to prevent abdulmutallab from getting on a jet headed for this country. but that the intel was not fully analyzed or leveraged. that is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. during the closed door meeting according to the white house, mr. obama went further and said, "this was a screw-up that could have been disastrous. we dodged a bullet, but just barely. it was averted by brave individuals, not because the system worked. and that is not acceptable. while there will be a tendency for finger pointing, i will not tolerate it. he was briefed by robert mueller on the bombing attempt investigation. briefed by attorney general eric holder on the state of the prosecution, expected to begin this month. briefed by homeland security secretary napolitano on the review of airport screening measures. and briefed by counterterrorism adviser john brennan on the review of u.s. terror watch
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